15 Apr

Research is an extensive field and is complicated just like a maze. It has two key types that are again divided into many other types.

If you’re also planning to dive into the river of research writing then you ought to understand its key types. In this article, we’ve brought a brief overview of two main types of qualitative research methodologies that you can use for your research. You may contact experts and ask them to write my essays for me for better results.

I will be only discussing two types in detail because only those types are best suited for most research.

Research can be categorized as qualitative and quantitative research, While quantitative one deals with numbers and statistics, qualitative is meant to analyze non-numerical data. Qualitative research has two main types namely; phenomenology, and case study. In most research, you’ll probably find these two types.

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As the name suggests, phenomenology is meant to research a phenomenon. It could be any event, circumstance, or situation that you want to explore. To conduct this type of research, you collect data through an interview or by directly observing the phenomenon.

Other data collection methods such as surveys or reading documents can be used as well. If you demand that someone write my essay for me, guarantee they pick the right topic for your essay. You can see your requirements as a rule and give them legitimate guidelines, so they don't commit any mishandles in the topic-selection stage.

In this type of research, you examine and analyze the data that provides results that are beyond human awareness. Well obviously, you do not just conduct research on a well-known fact. It needs to be on something that is hidden and awaits to be explored. Or even if it's been explored before, then your research sheds light on it from a completely new angle.

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One thing to remember here is that results are produced by finding a common theme from data. Different respondents may experience and feel a phenomenon differently, but there is always some underlying common theme. Identifying that theme requires the eye of an eagle.

Case Study

The next most commonly used form of qualitative research is a case study. As the name implies, it is centered around a certain case and explores its different facets through research techniques. Just like phenomenology, it can be used to explore an event or a circumstance.

However, it explicitly explores only that event in depth and its findings are only relevant to that case only. If you run into any difficulties while writing, you can ask a professional to write an essay for me.

Data collection in this type of research is similar to the other type as well. You can choose focus groups as your participants and interview them, or collect information through historical documents. The option of observation as a data collection tool, however, may not apply in this research type. A case study is meant to explore a past event or situation and you obviously cannot observe it now.

Mostly, this type of research is used when you want to answer questions like "why" and "how" something or an event occurred. For instance, there might be an event of bank robbery and you may want to investigate how it occurred or who you think is the potential robber. In this case, the findings will only be limited to the scenario in context.

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